Intellenet is a highly experienced group of professional investigators and security consultants with national and international specialized investigative capabilities. Intellenet publications are categorized into three areas: Professional Publications, Professional Books and Related Publications.

Professional Publications

With contributions from various INTELLENET members, fellow member William F. Blake, MS, CPP, CFE, has coordinated publication of three INTELLENET books that are available on the Charles C. Thomas Publisher Ltd. website,

Basic Private Investigation: A Guide to Business Organization, Management & Basic Investigative Skills for the Private Investigator,
Charles C. Thomas, Publisher, ISBN: 978-0-398-08642-8 (Paper); 978-0-398-08645-9 (Ebook)

Today's private investigator comes from two primary sources: (1) law enforcement agencies and (2) from academic environments. To be successful as a profession, these groups must be melded to a common group of values and objectives. The purpose of this book is to provide the private investigator, regardless of experience, with information that will result in business and personal success. The book is divided into two parts. Learn More...

Advanced Private Investigation: A Manual of Advanced Investigative Skills for the Private Investigator,
Charles C. Thomas, Publisher, ISBN:978-0-398-08652-7 (Paper); 978-0-0398-08653-4 (Ebook)

The purpose of this book is to provide a basic understanding of some of the more complex matters faced by the private investigator. Real expertise in the advanced level of private investigations comes from expanding this basic information into a more comprehensive working knowledge of the issues. Learn More...

A Manual of Private Investigation Techniques: Developing Sophisticated Investigative and Business Skills to Meet Modern Challenges,
Charles C. Thomas, Publisher, ISBN: 978-0-398-08855-2 (Paper); 978-0-398-08856-9 (Ebook)
This book will help the private investigator reevaluate business opportunities and identify goals for the future. The world of the private investigator is constantly changing due to the introduction of various legal requirements that have restricted or eliminated some of the methods available for obtaining information such as the various privacy protection acts. Additionally, most private investigators have restricted their business activities to a response mode; that is, conducting inquiries after an incident has occurred. Their preventive skills have been ignored to their financial detriment. As restrictions continue to be placed on private investigative activities, private investigators need to reevaluate personal skills and discover how these may relate to expanding their services. This book provides the necessary information for learning about these new skill areas and provides the necessary strategies for their implementation. Some of the topics cover crime and loss prevention strategies, risk assessment, and prevention strategies. Many other topics are also covered such as that of the expert witness. This is not a difficult status to attain but requires unique skill sets and experience and can be highly lucrative. Crises management is another skill set that is explored here. It not only identifies potential risk areas through risk assessment activities but includes development and implementation of preventive measures and shows how the private investigator can assist in restoring business operations to their normal levels. This book will be of enormous help to private investigators who wish to develop these sophisticated investigative business skills and preventive services in order to meet these challenges for surviving and thriving in this modern age industry. Learn More...

Code of Professional Conduct: Standards and Ethics for the Investigative Profession, Third
Kitty Hailey, CLI, 614 South 4th Street, #320, Philadelphia, PA 19147, 2015, Lawyers & Judges Publishing Company, Inc., ISNB: 978-1-936360-52-9.
This is the third edition of the first codification of ethical standards for the professional private investigator. Originally based upon existing codes of various state, national and international organizations, THE CODE has now expanded to include state of the art accepted practices and procedures. The investigator's world is not static. States differ as to their regulations. Laws change daily. The investigator is affected by technology, legal codes and accepted ethical standards. The burden falls upon the investigator to be reasonably current with these changing trends. THE CODE seeks to act as a guide in this fluctuating world. The motto, DO NO HARM is the basis for this writing. It clarifies and simplifies the manner in which investigators can interact with members of the public and within their own ranks. The profession demands that the most diligent, honest, and professional conduct be afforded those who pay for the services of the investigator. This third edition has honed the manner in which this is best accomplished. Kitty Hailey has been writing for the profession for more than 30 years. During this time, she has established herself as a mentor to many new members of our field. This book is her seminal work of practice and procedures.

Practical Handbook for Professional Investigators, Third Edition
Rory J McMahon, CLI, CFE, Fort Lauderdale, FL, 2013, CRC Press, ISNB: hardback-9781439887226 eBook-9781439887233.
An increase in fraud cases has escalated government accountability and corporate oversight, and media attention on cases ranging from missing persons to white-collar crime has increased the visibility of professional investigators. This has resulted in a great source of increased work for the profession. The third edition of Practical Handbook for Professional Investigators continues to supply an up-to-date, nuts-and-bolts learning tool for students and an everyday reference for investigative professionals at all levels. More relevant than ever, this edition adds two new chapters on death and terrorism investigations and several other new sections.

An unparalleled guide to the ins and outs of private investigation, Practical Handbook for Professional Investigators, Third Edition belongs on the shelf of every professional and trainee.

The Art of Surveillance,
Kelly E. Riddle, Kelmar and Associates, Inc., 2553 Jackson Keller, Suite 2200, San Antonio, TX 78230, Riddle Publishing, 2013, ISBN: 978-1-4937-8303-8.
This book is designed for both the novice and experienced investigator. The author relies on his more than 35 years of surveillance experience in outlining the "Art" of Surveillance. Conducting surveillance correctly is truly an art. In this book the methods of all types of surveillance will be outlined as well as how to avoid common mistakes. Proper equipment and concealment techniques are essential parts of surveillance. The use of technology is outlined as well as the legalities of surveillance.

Insurance Investigations from A to Z,
Kelly E. Riddle, Kelmar and Associates, Inc., 2553 Jackson Keller, Suite 2200, San Antonio, TX 78230, Riddle Publishing, 2013, ISBN: 978-1-4974-0320-8.
This guide gives you the scoop on insurance investigations from A to Z and contains information every investigator needs to successfully conduct insurance investigations of all types. The author has more than 35 years' experience conducting insurance investigations. Through this experience, you are given insightful techniques and unique prospective on the insurance industry, types of fraud and resources available to assist the investigator. Learn the terminology, different departments and types of adjusters that will allow you to market your services successfully to the insurance industry.

Secrets of PI Agency Marketing Management,
Kelly E. Riddle, Kelmar and Associates, Inc., 2553 Jackson Keller, Suite 2200, San Antonio, TX 78230, Riddle Publishing, 2013, ISBN: 978-1-4942-0829-5.
The difference between success and failure in the private investigation business is more than just being a good investigator. You must operate your agency like any other business by utilizing marketing techniques and business skills. As one of the most successful private investigators in America today, the author shares time test secrets to success. Using techniques and principals that have brought him an almost unheard of rise to the top of the PI Profession, Kelly shares this for others to use as a blueprint to success. Learn time management skills, how to use the media, the power of the written word, finding your niche, off the wall marketing, how to run and build a successful business, the power of networking and associations and other areas that will increase your business.

Caregiver Investigations,
Kelly E. Riddle, Kelmar and Associates, Inc., 2553 Jackson Keller, Suite 2200, San Antonio, TX 78230, Riddle Publishing, 2013, ISBN: 978-1-4991-1367-9.
This book takes an in-depth look at how neglect and abuse is allowed to permeate in nursing homes, adult daycares and medical facilities. In these settings, caregivers are trusted to fulfill their duties. When the person and the system fails, it can be devastating. The reasons behind this behavior and the type of person most likely to be an abuser are revealed in this book. In addition to case examples of abuse, the reader will learn how to investigate these types of cases and what sources are available to the investigator. Checklists and criteria for selecting a facility is provided for those with family members who may be considering the use of caregivers. As the world's population increases in age, this book is destined to be asset.

Who is the Real Man Behind the Screen? Online Dating: How to Protect Your Heart and Money,
Diana L. Gerren, True Perceptions, Inc., Post Office Box 20826, Atlanta, GA 30320,2014, ISBN-10: 0990076110X
Don't be one of the millions who get your heart broken and bank account emptied. Don't think it can never happen to you, because it can. Scammers are skilled and know how to manipulate you…become educated and protect yourself and your clients!

* Understand how scammers gain your trust and use it against you to swindle your money.
* Discover the inner working of the scamming world…told by scammers themselves.
* Learn to identify tools of the trade scammers use to trick and deceive.
* Avoid unknown dangers intertwined with online dating.
* Read intimate chats, email and text to experience the "red flags", "language", "format", and "stories" scammer employ.

Your Public Identity: Because Nothing is Private Anymore,
Carrie Kerskie, Kerskie Group, Inc., Post Office Box 770311, Naples, FL 34170, AliSpy, 2011, ISBN: 0983252904.
Identify theft is the fastest growing crime in America. Preventing identity theft is impossible, but by reading this book you can reduce your risk of becoming a victim, know the warning signs, and be armed with a step-by-step plan when you do become an identity theft victim.

Handbook for Effective Emergency and Crisis Management,
Mayer Nudell and Norman Antokol, Mayer Nudell, CSC, 4901 Biloxi Ave., N. Hollywood, CA 91601-4814, 1988, Lexington Books, ISBN: 0-0669-24978-3.
This book is an instructional text for assessing threat(s), creating crisis management plans, exercising and simulations, response to, and recovery from, incidents, and returning to normal.

No One a Neutral: Political Hostage—Taking in the Modern World,
Mayer Nudell and Norman Antokol, Mayer Nudell, CSC, 4901 Biloxi Ave., N. Hollywood, CA 91601-4814, 1990, Alpha Publications, ISBN: 0-093942759-1.
This book is an overview of the emergence of modern terrorism and the use us hostage-taking.

The Manual to Online Public Records: A Researcher's Tool to Using Online Resources of Public Records and Public Information, 3d Edition,
Cynthia Hetherington and Mike Sankey, Hetherington Group, 1501 Hamburg Turnpike, Suite 302, Wayne, NJ 07470, 2013, Facts on Demand Press, ISBN 1-889150-60-6.
The scope of information that exists online about people and businesses is staggering. If one needs to search for a public record or does a background check, one merely has to Google and the problems is solved, Right? Not so fast, according to the authors. The reality is that all Web sites are not created equal. This title reveals the how and why details of effectively search public records and public information online.

The Guide to Online Due Diligence Investigations: The Professional Approach on How to Use Traditional and Social Media Resources for Investigations,
Cynthia Hetherington, Hetherington Group, 1501 Hamburg Turnpike, Suite 302, Wayne, NJ 07470, 2015, Facts on Demand Press, ISBN: 978-188915061.
Successful relationships in business, life or online depend on the honesty of all parties. Unfortunately we are forced to pause and wonder more than blithely believe in everything we are told. Performing thorough due diligence to discover financial problems, criminal activity and legal action can keep your personal life in check and your business activity in the black and out of litigation. This book goes far beyond abstract concepts and gives a blueprint for action. "Hetherington's methods" may be immediately integrated into operations, resulting in tremendous savings of time, effort and money.

Corporate Investigations, 2nd Edition,
Reginald J. Montgomery, R.J. Montgomery Associates, 300 Lake Street, Ramsey, NJ 07446, Lawyers and Judges Publishing Company, 1997, ISBN 13:978-1-933264-02-8.
What if you could find an investigative manual that handed you over 750 years of wisdom from the very top investigators in the USA? Well, you have just found it! The range of corporate investigations is extremely broad, from accounting financial fraud to executive protection, from shoplifting to international fraud. More than two dozen experts share their investigative techniques to help you navigate this complex field. This work is a must have book if your clients are corporations.

Professional Books

INTELLENET member William F. Blake, MS, CPP, CFE, has created these wonderful Professional Books. To purchase one or more of these books, email your request to Intellenet today.

Security Consulting—Protecting the Business Owner
134 Pages, $40.00
This book covers the basic security consulting skills necessary to help protect the small to medium business owner from negligent security claims. Included, inter alia, are chapters relating to the legal elements of premises liability and negligent security; what are the risks to my business; adequacy and qualifications of the security force; are the physical security devices and systems adequate; and what every private investigator must know about performing fair credit reporting act legally compliant background checks in the United States.

Security Consulting Skills—Book #2
124 Pages, $23.00
This book offers additional security consulting skills. Included, inter alia, are warehouse and cargo security; managing high-risk employees; nightclub and bar security; developing security awareness; evaluating parking lot lighting; workplace violence programs; and home and personal security.

Private Investigation Skills—Book #1
131 Pages, $24.00
Included, inter alia, are controlling internal theft; how to become an expert witness; domestic issues in the workplace; organizing your private investigations business; blueprint for creating a winning website; undercover operations in the private sector; labor relations and Weingarten rights; forensic document examination; professionalism and ethics; and employee discipline.

Private Investigation Skills—Book #2
125 Pages, $23.00
Included, inter alia, understanding insurance and insurance fraud; gypsy crime in North America; procedures for conducting photo arrays; homicide investigation; conducting death investigations; executive protection—the protective operator; interviewing techniques for domestic violence cases; and technical surveillance countermeasures.

Private Investigation Skills—Book #3
124 Pages, $24.00
Included, inter alia, asset tracing in Austria; kidnap for ransom hostage negotiation; forensic accounting; crime scene investigations, sex offender typologies, managing investigations as a revenue generator; trademark counterfeiting investigations; organizing information and taking notes for criminal cases; defending the self-defense claim; and retail store issues.

Security Supervision and Management: The Key to Security Business Success
215 Pages, $32.00
This is a 40-hour initial training program for security officers. Topics include, inter alia, professionalism and ethics; increasing your business—market development; value added services; security officer professional liability; role of the security supervision; employee discipline; activity and incident reporting; security training and documentation; media and public relations; lesson plan design and development; labor relations and Weingarten Rights; supervisory techniques; and conflict resolution.

The Role of the Private Investigator and Security Expert in Negligent Security Litigation
112 Pages, $23.00
The private investigator plays a vital role for the attorney in negligent security litigation. Topics include, inter alia, what is premises security; what are the legal elements of a premises liability claim; how can a security expert be used as a litigation asset; was the incident foreseeable; were the security measures reasonable and appropriate; how does the attorney develop a case; how does the security professional prepare for trial; examples of premises security claims; discoverable documents; and specific questions to be asked at deposition and trail.

Security and the Business Owner
96 Pages, $24.00
The safety and security of a business has a direct impact on profitability. If a customer or staff member does not feel safe at your business, they will move on to another location where they have a feeling of safety. The business owner cannot guarantee the safety and security of individuals on the property. However, the business owner has an obligation to take reasonable and appropriate measures to protect the individuals on the property.

Operating a Professional Private Investigation and Security Consulting Business
23 Pages, $17.50
Success in the private investigation and security consulting industry requires a flexible mindset and a willingness to adapt to new concepts and trends. The successful private investigator must constantly consider new and different business services where diversity is a key element. Many private investigation skills are readily adaptable to security consulting. Security consulting is a business partnership oriented area where the investigator joints with the business owner to develop strategies for crime prevention.

Related Publications

Paradise Undercover,
Fernando Fernandez, P.I., Covert Intelligence, LLC, Carolina, Puerto Rico, 2015, ISBN-10: 0986105902, ISBN-13: 978-0986105906
In 2014, Fernando Fernandez, P.I. found out some rather inconvenient information about his father-in-law's murder. As his 10 years of wedded bliss largely relied on his leaving this matter alone, this put him in a difficult situation. At the time, Fernandez was a respected and sought after investigator who had dealt with every type of case imaginable.

His big break started came 2008, when he defied his world-famous mentor and surprisingly received a flood of international work as a result. Then his caseload turned upside down: - A drug lackey dying in a hospital and the family that required proof of his illness - A missing airplane in the Caribbean with a story more interesting than any cargo - A dead foreigner with no identifying papers, and no one to claim his body.

With an office crew as interesting as his cases, Fernandez plowed through his work with zeal and passion, until he had to face his father-in-law's murder again.

Now more than 20 years cold, the case lay forgotten in the vaults of some police warehouse, and his wife no longer wanted to know anything about it. Would she agree to let him reopen the case? Will he be able to find the truth?

David G. Duchesneau, Standa, Inc., Post Office Box 1008, Milton, NH 03851. Xlibris, 2014, ISBN: 978-1-49316501-8 (Paper)
For most of his years, David G. Duchesneau has worn "Uniforms," a seemingly trivial fact that has actually had profound implications on his life journey as it took him from the halls of school to the jungles of war-torn Vietnam. It is for this reason that the simple uniform is of great importance and meaning for Duchesneau, as well as countless others who have had similar experiences as him, and in his aptly titled book, he explores this significance, the intrinsic role the "Uniforms" he wore played in his life.

The tale spans an era in a boy's life and recounts his experiences growing up in a small New England town, from his childhood years, attending parochial school, to his adolescent years, continuing his studies as he and become an active member of a drum and bugle corps for 10 years. The story continues into early adulthood when he enlisted into the United States Marine Corps, following him through boot camp, and then his two tours of duty, 1969 through 1970, in Vietnam.

Through it all, it chronicles the changes that occurred across the nation and within Duchesneau himself as he came of age, portraying the adventures of his youth, his days in school, his passion for music and his service to his country. It speaks from the heart and mind of everyone who has ever had the experience of attending a Catholic school, all those who were ever so fortunate to be a member of a drum and bugle corps, and all those combat veterans who served in Vietnam and experienced the rigors and sorrows of that war.

"Uniforms" is the story of a war disabled veteran and a cancer survivor's life, and a look back into the formative years of an entire generation, and the crucibles they faced during their heyday. It shows the true meaning of wearing the uniform, the responsibilities it brings, and the effects it can have on a person's life.

Good Hunting: An American Spymaster's Story,
John J. (Jack) Devine, The Arkin Group, LLC, New York, Surah Crichton Books, 2014. ISBN-10: 0374-1-3032-9.
This book is the spellbinding memoir of Devine's time in the Central Intelligence Agency, where he served for more than thirty years, rising to become the acting deputy director of operations, responsible for all of the CIA's spying operations. This is a story of intrigue and high-stakes maneuvering, all the more gripping when the fate of our geopolitical order hangs in the balance. But this book also sounds a warning to our nation's decision makers: covert operations, not costly and devastating full-scale interventions, are the best safeguard of America's interests worldwide.